iOS 17.2 Update Release Date – New Features, Compatibility

Apple is releasing its new update iOS 17.2 soon. Apple has announced the iOS 17.2 Release Date to be 12 December 2023, Tuesday and the new update is coming with a lot of new exciting features. The iOS17.2 Update is expected to include various improvements to the existing apps and will also introduce new features. The iOS 17.2 Features can be checked through the post given below. One must refer to the article given below to get all the updates on the date and iOS 17.2 Features of the new update.

iOS 17.2 Release Date

Apple has released the iOS 17 version earlier and now the hint has been given for the latest release of the 17.2 version. The new version will come with various new features and with the bugs and fixes to the earlier apps. The update is bringing a new wave and a lot of exciting iOS 17.2 Features and improvements to the iPhone world. The tech analyst has hinted that the latest update will be available on 12 December 2023 on Tuesday and will be available for the devices which world with the Face ID function. All the models above iPhone X will be able to have iOS 17 Update on their device are iOS 17.2 Compatible Devices. 

As the release date has been out, the users can expect the update to be available on their iOS 17.2 Compatible Devices a week after the release. Now the users can expect the new features of Journal, update to messages app, Health App update, AirPod Support and other latest updates. Now you can check the post given below to know the details regarding the release date of the update along with the latest iOS 17.2 Features it will support.

iOS 17.2 Update

The all new update of the iOS 17.2 Release Date is 12 December 2023 and will be made available to the Apple users soon. The users can check the details regarding the latest update on this post given below. The new features will include the AirPods compatibility, Health App Update and upgradation to the messages app. The table below will provide the details regarding the latest update.

Brand name Apple 
Update iOS 17.2
Available on All models above Apple XS
Release date 12 December 2023
iOS 17.2 Features Health App, Messages App, Airpod Support
Post type News
iOS 17.2 Release Date

iOS 17.2 Release Date

The iOS 17.2 Date is 12 December 2023 and the users will be able to see the new features released on their devices after they have Install iOS 17.2 Update. The users will be able to use the latest update at least a week after the update has been released. 

iOS 17.2 Features

  • Journal: it is the new app which helps to write about the small moments and big events and helps you to improve your well being. Journalising will make it easy to remember the experiences. The filters will help you to bookmark the entries or show the entries and reflect all the key moments in your life. One will get the option to lock the journal using the touch ID or the face ID. 
  • Action Button: the action button on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max helps to translate the phrases or your conversations in some other language.
  • Camera: the camera has been improved which lets you to capture the videos and relive the memories in the three dimension Apple Pro Version.
  • Messages: Messages have the catch up arrow which allows you to jump on the first unread messages and it can be checked from the top right corner
  • You can add sticker to the bubble directly through the add a sticker option
  • The new memoji update has been updated in the messages app
  • Contact key verification provides the automatic alert and codes to help verify the people who are facing extraordinary digital threats. 
  • Weather: The precipitation amount will help you to know the details on rain to stop along with snow over next 10 days.
  • Widgets will provide the details on the daily forecast, sunrise and sunset times. 
  • Windmap will help you to know the details on the wind patterns and access the animated wind map
  • Interactive moon calendar helps you to know the phase of the moon on any day for the upcoming month.
  • Apple Music: In the iOS 17.1 version, you have to select the song and have to mark it as the favorite one by selecting the star option but the latest update will provide you to automatically get the favorite playlist.
  • New Collaborative playlist is yet another function where the people will be able to share their playlist with other individuals.
  • Listening history focus feature is another update for iOS 17.2.
  • Disable Keyboard option: the iOS 17.2 option has provided the users to disable the inline predictions where they can visit the keyboard setting and switch the toggle to off. This feature will not affect everyone.

iOS 17.2 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • It provides the siri support for accessing privately and logging to health data through your own voice
  • Favorite songs playlist in Apple Music helps you to get back to the songs you mark as favorites
  • The new Digital Clock feature will help you to get the glimpse of time on your home screen.
  • The autofills identify the fields in your PDF and other forms which help you to populate with the information.
  • It will also fix those issues which will hinder wireless charging in certain vehicles. 
  • New keyboard will provide 8 different languages. 

iOS 17.2 Compatible Devices

  • iPhone XS, XS Max and XR
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 13 series
  • iPhone 14 series
  • iPhone 15 series
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini

How To Install iOS 17.2 Update

  • Firstly, backup your iPhone or iPad.
  • Ensure that your device is connected to WIFI Connection and is also connected to charger
  • Then open the settings widget on your device
  • Click on General option and then Software update
  • Click on download and install tab’
  • Follow all the instructions and then you will have to restart your device.
  • Once your device gets restarted, then the update will get successfully installed. 

Frequently Asked Questions On iOS 17.2 Release Date

When will the iOS 17.2 Update be released?

The iOS 17.2 Update is going to be released on 12 December 2023.

Which are iOS 17.2 Compatible Devices for Update?

The devices of the iPhone XS version and above are iOS 17.2 Compatible Devices for Update.

When will the iOS 17.2 version be made available on the devices?

The iOS 17.2 version will be available to use at least a week or two after the update has been released.

How can one Install iOS 17.2 Update on their device?

The users can Install iOS 17.2 Update on their device by following the steps mentioned above in the post.

What are the latest features of iOS 17.2?

The IOS 17.2 Features includes the Weather, Journal, Camera, Apple music and other features as mentioned above in the post.

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